"We've moved beyond the era of the PC.  The nexus of computing is now centered around a range of networked terminal devices with innovative interfaces for both display and interaction.  These truly personal computing assets don't even look like the traditional PC.  They're mobile.  They transcend the keyboard / mouse / display paradigm.  They leverage cloud based applications.  This is absolutely nothing short of a revolution in computing.  The world will never be the same!"

"Connected mobile devices are fundamentally altering all aspects of information and entertainment access.  News, games, movies, music, books, data...  All are available wherever you are, whenever you want.  This flexibility, immediacy, intimacy and freedom literally puts media interaction in the hands of the user.  This is truly computing for the people!"

Alphabet Morpher Screen Shot

Alphabet Morpher Second Screen Shot

Alphabet Morpher Screen Shot

Alphabet Morpher
Alphabet Morpher Lite

Alphabet Morpher and Alphabet Morpher Lite are innovative and engaging iPhone™ / iPod touch™ appsAlphabet Morpher App Store Icon that teach the alphabet while entertaining your active preschooler.  Each colorful upper case alphabet letter from A to Z (A-F in Alphabet Morpher Lite) smoothly morphs into its lowercase counterpart, creating a strong visual association for a child learning the alphabet.

Listen as a catchy original song identifies the letter name and sound, while a bright picture animates onto theAlphabet Morpher Lite App Store Icon screen.  Watch a candle light, a yo-yo roll down, a frog hop, a basketball bounce, and insects fly.  Touch the screen to start the next letter, or press a button to play the letter of your choice.

In AutoPlay mode, Alphabet Morpher plays through the entire alphabet automatically.

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