"We've moved beyond the era of the PC.  The nexus of computing is now centered around a range of networked terminal devices with innovative interfaces for both display and interaction.  These truly personal computing assets don't even look like the traditional PC.  They're mobile.  They transcend the keyboard / mouse / display paradigm.  They leverage cloud based applications.  This is absolutely nothing short of a revolution in computing.  The world will never be the same!"

"Connected mobile devices are fundamentally altering all aspects of information and entertainment access.  News, games, movies, music, books, data...  All are available wherever you are, whenever you want.  This flexibility, immediacy, intimacy and freedom literally puts media interaction in the hands of the user.  This is truly computing for the people!"

Paul Stoaks (Backwoods Geek)

Paul StoaksAfter 20+ years developing engineering applications, it's time to put the skills to work on some projects that contribute more directly to peoples' day-to-day lives.  Paul has spent his career developing complex applications used by only a few.  BluMtnWerx represents an opportunity to develop products that folks enjoy everywhere they may be.

In addition to hands-on code development (his first love), Paul has also demonstrated the ability to lead high performing software development teams.  In these positions, Paul gained a reputation for high integrity as a people manager and a catalyst for teamwork and innovation.

Paul graduated from Eastern Oregon University in 1986, earning a BS in Physics. He currently lives in rural Eastern Oregon and is a member of the International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE).  Paul is rapidly becoming an avid Mac lover (where have you been all my life?)

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Dean Stevens (Objective-C Code Monkey)

Dean Stevens Dean's career spans more than twenty-five years of engineering, marketing and general management.  He has extensive experience developing, selling and delivering, world-class hardware, software and service products.  As a member of the founding team at BluMtnWerx, Dean is finally living his dream by being a small part of the effort to bring ubiquitous computing to the world.

Mobile applications first attracted Dean's attention when his team developed a mobile calendar & address book application for AT&T's CDPD handsets.  Since then, he has looked forward to the time when computing transcended the traditional keyboard / mouse / display paradigm and became truly mobile and personal.

Dean graduated from the University of Idaho so long ago that his first real job was writing FORTRAN code for a CDC mainframe.  Subsequent to that experience, he developed EDA software, designed chips, managed software & IC design efforts and founded four companies.  He is a long time member of IEEE, and is now learning Objective-C 2.0.   Twitter   LinkedIn

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