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HeislerCalc Screen Shot

HeislerCalc Screen Shot

HeislerCalc Screen Shot

HeislerCalc Screen Shot

Heisler Calculator

Heisler Calculator is a professional quality evaluation tool that quickly calculates internal temperatures for transient heat conduction through a 1-D plane wall of thickness 2*L. NoHeisler Calculator App Store Icon more Heisler Charts! Heisler Calculator provides an accurate numerical solution, eliminating the need for tedious graphical results from Heisler charts.

Heisler Calculator allows inputs in either SI (metric) units, or I-P (English) units, and converts from one to the other.

This powerful iPhone™ / iPod touch™ / iPad™ tool accepts the following user inputs:

•  x (the spatial location in the plane wall, measured from the centerline)

•  L (2L is the wall thickness)

•  t (the elapsed time since the step change in surroundings temperature)

•  h (the convective heat transfer coefficient)

•  k (the thermal conductivity  of the wall material)

•  α (the thermal diffusivity of the wall material)

•  Ti (the initial uniform temperature of the wall)

•  T∞ (the constant surroundings temperature far from the wall)


Heisler Calculator Outputs:

•  x* (dimensionless distance from the center)

•  Fo (the Fourier Number, dimensionless time)

•  Bi (the Biot Number, dimensionless convective heat transfer coefficient)

•  θ* (dimensionless Temperature, =(T-T∞)/(Ti-T∞))

•  T (temperature at x at time t)



•  the wall is initially at uniform temperature

•  the temperature of the surroundings and the convective heat transfer coefficient are constant and uniform

•  no heat generation inside the wall

•  the Fourier number (αt/(L^2)) must be > 0.0001

•  the wall and surroundings are symmetric around the wall centerline


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