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PsychroCalc Screen Shot

PsychroCalc Screen Shot

PsychroCalc Screen Shot

PsychroCalc Screen Shot

PsychroCalc Screen Shot


PsychroCalc is a professional quality psychrometric calculator that quickly computes highly accurate thermodynamic properties of moist air in I-P (English) or SI (metric) units or both no more psychrometric charts!  This powerful iPhone™ / iPod touch™ / iPad™ tool:PsychroCalc App Store Icon

•  Has professional application in meteorology, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning

•  Conveniently shares results via e-mail

•  Uses industry standard ASHRAE equations


What Makes PsychroCalc Unique?

•  Custom units: do your calculations in I-P, or SI units, or set (and save) your own unique combination

•  Calculations for up to 2 different states and automatically show the delta (differences between them)

•  Input two states and calculate delta, or one state and delta to calculate the second state

•  Set altitude and select from 19 different combinations of 2 input variables to instantly view the calculated results

•  PsychroCalc handles input combinations others do not, such as specific volume with any other variable

•  Input values, see all results, and change units all on one screen

•  Help screen includes detailed instructions and definitions of terms


Input and Output thermodynamic properties:

1. Tdb (dry-bulb temperature) in °F, °R, °C or kelvins

2. Twb (wet-bulb temperature) in °F, °R, °C or kelvins

3. Tdp (dew point temperature) in °F, °R, °C or kelvins

4. ω (humidity ratio) in lbm of water vapor per lbm of dry air, or grains of water per lbm of dry air, or grams of water per kg of dry air, or kg of water per kg of dry air

5. φ (relative humidity) percent

6. h (specific enthalpy) in BTU per lbm of dry air, J per kg of dry air, or kJ per kg of dry air

7. v (specific volume) in cubic feet per lbm of dry air, or cubic meters per kg of dry air, or cubic centimeters per gram of dry air


Range of validity:

IP units:

0 ft ≤ altitude ≤ 30,000 ft

32.0 °F ≤ Tdb ≤ 116.0 °F

11.2 °F ≤ Twb ≤ 115.9 °F

-51.5 °F ≤ Tdp ≤ 115.9 °F

0.0 lbm-v/lbm-da ≤ ω ≤ 0.3293 lbm-v/lbm-da

1.0% ≤ φ ≤ 99.0%

7.7 BTU/lbm-da ≤ h ≤ 394.3 BTU/lbm-da

12.4 ft^3/lbm-da ≤ v ≤ 77.77 ft^3/lbm-da

SI units:

0 m ≤ altitude ≤ 9144 m

0.0 °C ≤ Tdb ≤ 46.67 °C

-11.54 °C ≤ Twb ≤ 46.61 °C

-46.38 °C ≤ Tdp ≤ 46.61 °C

0.0 kg-v/kg-da ≤ ω ≤ .3293 kg-v/kg-da

0.1 kJ/kg-da ≤ h ≤ 899.3 kJ/kg-da

0.774 m^3/kg-da ≤ v ≤ 4.855 m^3/kg-da


New in Version 1.1:

•  Added the option to email in HTML (table) format, and to attach .csv files.

•  Changed the input of variables to use a custom numerical keyboard, rather than sliders.

•  Fixed minor bugs


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For questions, comments and support requests, please contact us:

PsychroCalc ( at ) BluMtnWerx.com


Or DM us on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/BluMtnWerx


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