"We've moved beyond the era of the PC.  The nexus of computing is now centered around a range of networked terminal devices with innovative interfaces for both display and interaction.  These truly personal computing assets don't even look like the traditional PC.  They're mobile.  They transcend the keyboard / mouse / display paradigm.  They leverage cloud based applications.  This is absolutely nothing short of a revolution in computing.  The world will never be the same!"

"Connected mobile devices are fundamentally altering all aspects of information and entertainment access.  News, games, movies, music, books, data...  All are available wherever you are, whenever you want.  This flexibility, immediacy, intimacy and freedom literally puts media interaction in the hands of the user.  This is truly computing for the people!"

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RingDance Screen Shot

RingDance & RingDanceLite

RingDance and RingDanceLite provide soothing audiovisual encounters with your iPhone™ or iPod touch™.  TheApp Store Badge colored rings dance randomly about your screen.  When they touch, they exchange colors and make a gentle sound.  The calming melodies produced by the dancing rings create a relaxing environment that enables you to either focus your thoughts, or completely surrender to the otherworldly music.

The music produced by the dancing rings can be almost hypnotic.  We regularly use it as aid to meditation and concentration.

RingDanceLite is a free trial version that supports the full RingDance audio experience.

No user intervention is necessary.  The rings will continue to dance, and the sounds will continue to play even after your screen dims and your device auto-locks.  However, if you wish to interact with the app:

  •  Swipe Right — renews the position and motion of the rings.  RingDance is designed to reflect the randomness of the universe.  With this, can come periods where the rings dance quite slowly, or quite quickly.  As with our real experience, these extremes will eventually correct themselves.  However, if the current state becomes less than pleasing, you can Swipe Right to give the rings new paths.  Shaking your device back and forth quickly, at least four times, will also give new paths to the rings.

  •  Swipe Left — renews the colors assigned to each ring.  Like individuals in our world, each encounter changes the rings.  At every touch, they exchange information and become more alike.  Unfortunately, we sometimes find that uniformity is boring so the rings periodically revert to bright colors.  A left swipe will cause this change to happen immediately.  Shaking your device up and down quickly, at least four times, will also renew the colors of the rings.

  •  Swipe Up — changes the way that notes are played.  The default setting for RingDance is to play the sound assigned to one of the two rings that touch.  This gesture will toggle the mode and the sounds will play in ascending pitch.  A second swipe toggles back to the original order.  We find that the default setting fully explores the random nature of the app and has the potential to provide an extremely intriguing listening experience.

  •  Swipe Down — changes the instrument played.  RingDance currently features sounds from two instruments, a vibraphone and a glockenspiel.  Initially, the app will periodically switch between the two.  By swiping down, you can guide the experience to play only the vibraphone, only the glockenspiel, or back to the alternating pattern.


  • We strive to produce sounds that enhance the RingDance experience.  They are best appreciated when listening with good ear buds, headphones, or quality external speakers.  These rich sounds may cause downloads to take a bit longer, depending on your connection, but the results will be worth it.
  • Swipes in RingDance need to cover roughly half of the screen width to be recognized.  The white status text at the bottom of the screen will change to indicate the results of the most recent swipe.  The text will clear after a couple of seconds so as to not disrupt the app's visuals.
  • You may hear some slight audio distortion when the device's auto-lock engages, as well as when you unlock the device.


For questions, comments and support requests, please contact us:

RingDance ( at ) BluMtnWerx.com


Twitter:  http://twitter.com/BluMtnWerx


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