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TiltBall Screen Shot

TiltBall & TiltBallLite

TiltBall and TiltBallLite are quick twitch arcade-style gamesTiltBall App Store Icon that are simple, challenging and Scoreloop enabled.  The app takes full advantage of the unique UI capabilities of the iPhone™ / iPod touch™ platform.  Tilting your device moves your ball so that you can guard your net, while trying to knock the other ball into the opponent's net.  Beware, though, the defender object is smart and it will try to stop you!

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TiltBallLite is a free trial version that features the full functionality of TiltBall.


TiltBall Details:

Playing TiltBall

Tips & Tricks

Scoreloop Integration

Reasons to Love TiltBall

  TiltBall Player Object - Green Sphere

Game Play:

  •  Control — You control your player sphere (the green one) by tilting the device.  The more you tilt the device, the faster the ball will move.  You want to position your sphere to guard your goal, or to bounce the yellow ball into the other goal.

  •  Action — Tilt the device to position your player sphere so that it can deflect the TiltBall Yellow Ballyellow ball away from your goal, or to whack it towards the opponent's net.  Just remember that the defender will be doing everything that it can to keep you out.

  •  Tilt Indicator — The Tilt Indicator at the center of the screen shows you how much, and in what direction, the device is tilted.  It changes color from blue to yellow to red to reflect the steepness of the tilt.

  •  Gravity — Tilting your device will result in a modest gravity force in the direction of the tilt.  This may be used to curve the path of the game's objects.

  •  The Defender — The defender object TiltBall Defender Object - Orange Pipes is smart, although not brilliant.  It will attempt to track the motions of the yellow ball, but you can still get well-timed shots past it.  It may also occasionally accidentally score a point for you by knocking the ball into its own goal.

  •  WINNING — TiltBall is a time based game.  The full version of the game plays for two minutes and thirty seconds.  The trial version goes for thirty seconds.  The side with the most points when the game timer expires is the winner.  When a game is over, you'll see a results view that shows your score, gives you the option of uploading the score to Scoreloop and provides a button to start a new game.


Game Tips:

  •  Tilting Your Device — When the device is tilted to near vertical in any direction, the tilt indicator will turn red, and you'll be moving your ball as fast as possible.  Be aware, though, that the faster it's moving in one direction, the more you'll have to tilt to change direction.  This may affect your ability to exert fine grain control.

  •  Your Sphere Bounces — Your sphere will bounce when it hits the edges of the field.

  •  TiltBall Objects Can Get Knocked Off the Field — This shouldn't happen, but if an object is bounced off the field, it will return in a moment.

  •  Resuming Your Previous Game — TiltBall state is automatically saved when you exit the game.  You can resume the same game when you come back, or start a new game (the default).  Of course, the very first time that you play, you won't have a saved game.  In this case, both choices in the segmented control will read "New Game," the message under the control will read "No Saved Game to Resume," and the control will be deactivated.

  •  Running Free — Sometimes it's interesting to let the game run on its own.  You can just set it on a flat surface and watch it play itself.

  •  Dueling Objects — If your player sphere and the yellow ball are trapped in rapid fire collisions, you can break the deadlock up by tilting away for a moment.



  •  TiltBall & TiltBallLite are Scoreloop EnabledScoreloop support means that you can play as part of a community!  You can comparePowered by Scoreloop Logo your scores with other gamers worldwide and even challenge them directly.

  •  Challenges — Challenges can be extended to just about anyone, including your contacts or buddies on Facebook.  Tapping on a name in the high score list initiates a challenge against an existing player.  You can also create and accept anonymous challenges.  Scoreloop will ensure that you play against opponents with reasonably equivalent skill levels.

If you really perform well, you can win medals that display your skills in your profile.

  •  Configuring Scoreloop — TiltBall's default settings for Scoreloop score submission give you maximum privacy, but may be less than convenient.  Set the "Upload Scores to Scoreloop" switch to "ON" for the most seamless experience with Scoreloop.  The switch is off by default.

Your winning scores will not be submitted to Scoreloop unless you either explicitly send them using the "Send Scores to Scoreloop" button, or set the switch to ON.  Your "Upload Scores to Scoreloop" switch settings are saved between games.  If you've set the switch ON, future scores will be automatically sent, until you switch it OFF.

To ensure effective use of your bandwidth, Scoreloop limits uploads to scores that are meaningful for high score lists and challenges.  Further, your score is only submitted to Scoreloop if you win.

  •  Scoreloop Info — Scoreloop is free so please give it try.  We find that Scoreloop adds an exciting new dimension to TiltBall.  Find out for yourself how thrilling it is to compare scores and challenge others!

For more info on Scoreloop please visit their site.


Reasons to Love TiltBall & TiltBallLite:

    The games are incredibly easy to play. Just tilt the device and your green player ball will move in the direction of the tilt.  You don't need to be a great strategist, and you don't have to worry about sliding your finger on the glass.  The only control required is tipping the device.

    The defender is fast, and smart.  We've given the defender the capacity to track the yellow ball and to try to intercept it.  You have a real opponent right in the game, so it's not just a shooter.  You actually have to get shots past the defender.

    Scoreloop integration.  TiltBall & TiltBallLite are Scoreloop enabled.  This means that you never have to play the games alone!  You can compare your scores with other gamers worldwide and even challenge them directly.  You can challenge just about anyone, including your contacts and buddies on Facebook.  Or you can challenge existing players by tapping their name in the high score list.  You can also create and accept anonymous challenges.  Scoreloop will ensure that you play against someone who is about as skilled as you are.



For questions, comments and support requests, please contact us:

TiltBall ( at ) BluMtnWerx.com


Twitter:  http://twitter.com/BluMtnWerx


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