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iPunt Screen Shot

iPunt Screen Shot

iPunt Screen Shot

iPunt Screen Shot

iPunt Screen Shot


iPunt is a visually thrilling interactive experience that features challenging play and stunning 3-DiPunt App Store Icon graphics.  You're in virtual boxes that must be cleared of targets. Tapping on your shooters (balls and blocks) kicks them at the targets (aircraft and spaceships).  Hitting a target will either destroy it directly, or cause it to fall into a box wall where it will explode.  Punted shooters ricochet around the space until they run out of energy.

You start iPunt in an Earth's atmosphere skybox.  The skybox has three levels, each of which presents threeiPunt Video Icon flights of targets.  Once you've cleared the levels of the skybox, you'll be teleported to a spacebox, where you'll encounter different game dynamics and targets.  Your objective is to clear all three levels of both boxes as quickly as possible. Your elapsed time will be shown when you complete the game.

iPunt vividly demonstrates the graphical and interactive capabilities of Apple's iPhone™ and iPod touch™.

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Game Play:

  •  Punt — Tap on a shooter (ball or block).  You're trying to kick the shooter so that it hits a target, either directly, or on the bounce.

  •  Rotate View — Swipe one finger

  •  Zoom In/Out — Pinch/spread.  We really recommend that you zoom in on the targets.  You may be surprised by what you see close up.

  •  Normal View — Three finger touch

  •  Change Gravity — Tilt the device to adjust the pull of gravity.  Gravity will have a strong effect in the skybox, not so much in the spacebox.


Game Tips:

  •  Chaos is Your Friend — Keep as many objects in the air as possible by tapping aggressively, just don't break the glass.

  •  Hordes of Shooters — As you play, more shooters will join the party, which gives you more options for targeting.  Just to keep things interesting, the shooters will be reset to one ball and one block when you enter the spacebox, and you'll start accumulating again as you play in space.

  •  Punt With Precision — Shooters are easy to aim.  The specific spot where you kick a shooter will control the object's direction.  You can zoom in to kick more precisely.

  •  Use Gravity — In the skybox, you can influence both trajectory and where objects settle by tilting your device.  This can be a great way to direct a whole cloud of objects at targets, or to cause a shooter to fall onto a target.

  •  Wounded Spacebox Targets — The absence of strong gravity in the spacebox means that lightly hit targets may take a long time to float to a wall where they'll explode.  Tapping on a wobbling target will hasten its demise.

  •  Attack on the Fly-In — With the exception of the hot air balloons, targets hit in mid-flight will explode immediately.  Targets that have landed on a pedestal will "fall off" when hit and explode when they collide with a wall.

  •  Objects At Rest Stay At Rest — at least until they're kicked!  Completely motionless shooters will remain at rest until you punt (tap) them to get them moving again.  In the skybox, tilting the device to change gravity will show how many objects are resting.


New in v1.1:

    More exciting, new targets.  iPunt now presents flights of hot air balloons, attack helicopters, fighter jets, rockets, shuttles and alien saucers.  The hardworking robots from v1.0 are taking a much-deserved holiday.

    Great sounds. iPunt now features much improved sound effects, including spatial audio, that are best appreciated with good quality headphones or earbuds

    Brand new spacebox.  In addition to the familiar Earth's atmosphere skybox, iPunt now presents a more challenging spacebox set somewhere in the universe.  As expected in deep space, gravity is not a significant factor in the spacebox.  You'll have to direct your shooters by tapping carefully to send them in the right direction.

    Targets fly in.  All targets now fly in to their pedestals.  With the exception of the balloons (what's the sport of hitting a hot air balloon in flight?), shooters can knock out targets during the fly-in.

    The game is now timed.  Your objective is to clear all three levels, of three flights each, in both virtual boxes, as quickly as possible.  Your total elapsed time will be shown when you've cleared the final flight of the final level of the spacebox.

    Start a new game.  Once you've cleared both boxes, you'll get your time and also have the option to start a new game.

    Significant performance improvements.  Game play is now extremely smooth throughout the entire game.



  iPunt uses the Oolong Game Engine



For questions, comments and support requests, please contact us:

iPunt ( at ) BluMtnWerx.com


Twitter:  http://twitter.com/BluMtnWerx


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