"We've moved beyond the era of the PC.  The nexus of computing is now centered around a range of networked terminal devices with innovative interfaces for both display and interaction.  These truly personal computing assets don't even look like the traditional PC.  They're mobile.  They transcend the keyboard / mouse / display paradigm.  They leverage cloud based applications.  This is absolutely nothing short of a revolution in computing.  The world will never be the same!"

"Connected mobile devices are fundamentally altering all aspects of information and entertainment access.  News, games, movies, music, books, data...  All are available wherever you are, whenever you want.  This flexibility, immediacy, intimacy and freedom literally puts media interaction in the hands of the user.  This is truly computing for the people!"

We Believe in Mobility

The Beautiful iPhone 3G, front and side

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BluMtnWerx believes in the mobile revolution.  We develop leading edge applications that enable innovative wireless devices to deliver on their promise of utterly destroying conventional computing and entertainment paradigms.  Although our current product development focus is squarely on the iPhone and iPod Touch, we are actively investigating all of the major mobile platforms.

Computing at the Edge!


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